About the Gender in Resilience Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to experiment a new way of sharing, learning and connecting practionners working on gender justice and resilience. By adding successful solutions on Sphaera, you will contribute to making good practice more readily available to Oxfam staff and their partners across the world. We hope you feel inspired to join the Challenge!

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Between 13th November and 1st December, take part in Oxfam's exciting experiment to collect knowledge and experiences of Oxfam teams around the globe about gender justice in resilience.

The Gender in Resilience Challenge is your chance to be rewarded for the solutions - tools, methodologies, approaches, frameworks, case studies - that have successfully helped women, men, girls, and boys transforming their lives in the face of climate change and disasters in your country or region.

Why a challenge on resilience and gender justice?

Gender Justice is at the heart of Oxfam’s Framework for Resilient Development. Programmes which don’t consider the gender dimensions of risk and vulnerability in the face of shocks, stresses and uncertainty may undermine the resilient development prospects of both men, and women, girls and boys, or of some of such groups. Without deliberate efforts to recognise and address gender-based inequality, the people, systems and institutions that Oxfam seeks to support won’t be performing at their best.

With Sphaera, Oxfam has the opportunity to harness Oxfam’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of gender justice, while breaking silos between and within the development and humanitarian strands of work. The challenge format is intended to stimulate competition and energy for Oxfam staff to showcase what they know works in integrating the gender dimension at one or different levels in their programming and influencing work.

What do we aim to achieve through this challenge?

The Gender in Resilience Challenge is an experiment. It’s an opportunity for us to try and discover new ways of sharing information and change the way we work. Through an innovative knowledge management and learning tool like Sphaera, we want to stimulate and inspire others to share their work and learn from others. Sphaera works as solutions hub, which everyone can access to look for inspiration and good practice when designing new interventions or improve existing ones.

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